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I saw a collection of shorts at the London Film Festival. Together they were titled ‘London Calling’ although I’m not sure why. None of them was specifically about London. Maybe they were all London based filmmakers.

I haven’t seen that many short films, and I only went along to this because M had a last minute spare ticket. I feel like a whole new artform has opened up for me. It sounds utterly facile, but these are the short stories to the full-length feature’s novel. The writer/director of a short can do completely different things to a longer work, or be formally similar. These films were a mixture of styles, scales, ambitions. Some were funny, some were tragic. I loved The Field


which was surreal, silly and yet painfully acute.

My favourite however was Up on the Roof


It’s a moving, funny, quietly triumphant film. It’s 16 minutes long. It was a perfectly crafted episode in the characters lives. It didn’t need to be any longer. I’m sure the writer, director and cast will go on to do full length work, shorts must act as calling cards in the industry. But they can do different things to movies, be more experimental. M got the taste for shorts too, so we’ll definitely be seeking out more.


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